Committed to Auburn University on 9/16/2020
NCAA ID# 1807235009
Madison Inscoe – (2022) Pitcher/MIF – Height 5’9, Weight 148 lbs – P
itching velocity: 63-66 mph (average)

Madison Inscoe (2022) – RHP/MIF

Club Team: Tennessee Mojo 04 – Fisher
Recruiting: Prior to commitment to Auburn, I was actively being shown interest by coaches in the SEC, ACC, CAA, PAC-12. I have been on multiple on campus visits and official visits prior to early recruiting constraints. Clocked at 63 mph at the Florida State Winter Camp and hit 65 and 66 mph at the University of Florida Winter Pitching Camp both in the winter of 2018.

  • Ranked in the Top 3 of all pitchers in attendance at the Florida State Winter Camp by Diamond Solutions (Nate Walker), using Rapsodo Analytics
  • IMA Player Softball (Florida State Winter Camp Event Talent Assessor) – “A Definite DI: Player” “Can definitely be in Top 50% of DI players – RHP. Tall pitcher with long levers to work with. Fastball ranged between 60 mph and 62 mph during our assessment. A curve, change-up and rise-ball pitcher with deceptive movement. Works the change up and off speed well, effectively keeping hitters off balance”.




Head Softball Coach Brittney Thornburg (Wilkins) – former Div I Catcher Boston College said the following about Madison:

  • “We constantly had to remind ourselves this year how old Madison was, because she plays far bigger and far older than she actually is”
  • “Madison is a gamer, a selfless player and a true teammate”
  • “Madison has a very bright future ahead of her”

Coach Thornburg gave an example of Madison’s selfless play recently stating: “In the TCIS Championship Game, Madison hit a critical single and after safely reaching the base, immediately turned to Coach Rudy [our first base coach] and said “Coach please put Rory in to run for me, she is a far faster runner than I am”…”that is just one of the many selfless acts Madison makes and has made for her team”.

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